Hospital Internacional de Colombia

The Hospital Internacional de Colombia – HIC is a world-class medical complex developed by the Fundación Cardiovascular de Colombia – FCV created with the objective of generating better health coverage service for the people in the east region of Colombia, with a national and international projection.


It is considered the most important medical complex in Santander and northeastern Colombia, as well as one of the most recognized in the country and one of the most prominent in Latin America. It is in the third category level of High Complexity and fourth level of Medical Care. Nationally, it ranks third as the Best Hospital in Colombia and sixth in Latin America, according to the 2019 ranking of the América Economía magazine; which catalogues it as the medical complex with one of the best patient experience models, with a close relationship and a great sense of humanization.


The Hospital Internacional de Colombia – HIC provides the best experience in health care for its patients by offering highly complex medical services, in modern facilities equipped with the latest technology, highly trained specialists and compliance with the most rigorous standards of quality and safety in health worldwide.