Cape Fertility

Cape Fertility is the top Fertility Clinic in South Africa. A modern sophisticated Laboratory allows all the latest assisted conception techniques to be used with great success. These include PGD/PGS, EmbryoScope™ and Embryoglue.


The Cape Fertility Clinic have a dedicated team of  IVF Co-ordinators who have a 4 year University Degree (Bachelor of Nursing or equivalent) & are experienced in Fertility Treatment and IVF.


The egg donation program is going from strength to strength. 91 cycles performed in the third trimester of 2016 with a 76,4% pregnancy rate. Success rates depend on many factors. The most important is the age of the woman having treatment.


In a 25 year old women a In Vitro Fertilization cycle may have a 60% success rate with blastocyst transfer compared with a 40 year old woman having a 10% success rate with IVF.